Change in the air …

Tips for smoothing the baby transition…

Bringing home the baby is a milestone in your life. Things are all thrown out of whack very very quickly. What you who have learned to call “life”, should just be thrown out the window because it will all change.

Change is hard. Its good, but its hard. It helps you grow and makes you better. “Builds character” as my dad would say. (He moved my family 6 times … which I am now grateful for. So its true, change builds character)

I have compiled four helpful insights to make the baby transition as “character building” as possible.

1. Help in any way you can.

Yes, that includes diapers. Pull a Jim and learn how to diaper and volunteer to do it. I can give you 100 excuses to not change a diaper and if you use them I can give you a cot to sleep on for the night, because you can bet you won’t be sleeping on the bed with your wife.

2. Hold your baby as often as possible.

Your wife has been with the baby all day and probably hasn’t gotten much done. Give her a break and hold the baby. I know that it has been proven somewhere that men can’t multi-task, but learn to. Its “character building” right? Learn how to do what you do with a baby in your hands.

3. Take turns at night.

I am guilty of being a heavy sleeper at times. My wife can get up 3 or 4 times in the night and I will never know about it. Talk to your wife and volunteer for a turn or two in the night to take care of the baby. Now, if it’s hungry, sorry fellas, pass the baby to the wife. You can’t help much there. That would fall into the “NOT character building” category.

4. Still do what you love, just with a baby.

My wife and I enjoy walks and now we just walk with Macey. (Who actually likes being outside!) Whether its having a movie marathon, going out to eat or even just grocery shopping together, learn to do it with the new baby. You are a family now.

I would like to thank my wife for being patient with me as I learn and try to do these things and I would like to thank Macey for teaching me already. Fathers, lets build some character.


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