Hospital Tips…we all need them.

10 Tips to Make your Hospital Visit Enjoyable

The other week I spent a few nights with my wife in the hospital. I learned some things that will help make your visit with your wife a good one.

First and foremost … just be prepared.

If you aren’t prepared then your experience can be summed up in one word: frantic. Lets break that word down. “Fran” as in the hurricane that ripped through the South in the 90’s; which is what your visit will feel like when everything happens at once.  “Tic” as in that is what you may have after your visit if you aren’t prepared.

Follow these tips and you should be fine! (Oh, disclaimer: A pregnancy is different that other visits so these tips are specifically for that!)

1. Bring your wife.

Sounds dumb I know, but what I mean by that is pay attention to her. Help her, cater to her, be sure that she is comfortable. When momma ain’t happy…ain’t nobody happy.

2. Bring something to read.

Your wife may be sleeping a lot while she is there…well at least Lisa was.  I guess it just depends on how you get there. My wife was induced so there was some “waiting” time. If you go to the hospital because your wife is in labor, it’s going to hectic for a little bit. A good magazine always helps though no matter what.

3. Bring some games to play.

As stated before my wife was in labor for a while, Macey wasn’t coming right off the bat. So we brought some games that take a while to play. (Don’t bring things like Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, or Risk. Board games aren’t a good idea when your wife is hooked up to an iv …. Just saying.) We had Uno and Phase Ten. I got my butt kicked most of the time.

4. Have a camera.

No brainer right? Here is a more specific tip then; bring a working camera. Have replacement batteries, a charger, an extra memory card if needed, just the backup basics. If you are like me you will take a hundred pictures in a day…all of the same beautiful baby.

5. Learn to sleep anywhere.

Odds are you won’t have a California King-Size mattress waiting for you in the closet of the hospital room somewhere. If you do, send me your address so I can move there. My first night was spent on a recliner and my second and third on a pull-out-bed-chair-wanna-be thing. It was cool to pull out, not cool to sleep on. Learn to sleep wherever. And get some sleep. You will need it. Macey has been home for a week and a half…and sleeping is a little on the low side.

 6. Bring some snacks.

Unless you just crave hospital food, you may want to bring some things to snack on. Be cautious though. Remember, your wife can’t eat so don’t bring something that was on her craving list … (If I would’ve brought watermelon to snack on, I would’ve been put in the hospital) … and try not to bring anything that smells or will make her nauseous. Keep it simple and tasty.

7. Try to help.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying put on some scrubs and tell your wife to push. But if she needs something, a cup of ice, more pain meds, or just a good hand holding session, do it. Be there for her.

8. Bring the car seat.

I am pretty sure they won’t let you leave the hospital with out it. Pretty sure. You know, just saying.

9. Thank the doctors.

They are a big help. You know, they just delivered your baby. Thank them for helping and being patient. Yeah, it’s their job, but don’t we all like to be recognized? Help them out and thank them for doing what they do daily.

10. Have a good attitude.

This is going to be a new and different experience for you and your wife. It may require you to flexible and understanding. Be it. Be willing and this visit will be a smooth one.



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