Best Father’s Day Gift…ever…

Best Father's Day Gift

One week ago today was D-Day. The “D” in “D-Day” is “delivery” by the way or “daddy”; take your pick. Thats right everyone. One week ago today, on June 14th at 7:14 pm, Macey Claire Bagley was born. It was a long day (easy for me to say, but it was even longer for my wife), but she finally came!

I am sorry that I haven’t written in so long…first rule of being a new father…you have your hands full. If not full of your beautiful daughter, then they are dull of her dirty diapers, her diaper bag, dirty clothes, new clothes, new diapers and other fun things. Also, a lack of sleep may be another thing that was kept me away from writing. I won’t sugar coat it…it has been rough…but a good rough.

A good rough. I know, that sounds weird. Here is an example. Fathers, remember back in high school when we were on a sports team and we had to do two, and some times even three-a-day practices? They were hard. But in the end, after the buzzer sounded, the whistle blew and the game was over, all that roughness paid off. Having Macey home is a three-a-day (actually its more like an all-day) practice. But she is here. She is healthy. She the prettiest thing, next to her mom, that I have ever seen. She is 8 pounds and 10 ounces of pure joy. She is the light of our home. Its a good rough.


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