25 Things NOT to do when your wife is pregnant…

Here is a video I thought showed my point today very well: (sorry its a long one and the part that explains my point doesn’t begin till 5:38…I hope everyone likes the Cosby Show)


You have got to love Elvin…

25 Things You Should Never Say nor Do…While your wife is pregnant.

In the last nine months I have learned many things. I have learned mostly about the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy. Here I impart my wisdom…if you would like to add anything, just comment and let me know. They should make an instruction manual for us men…eh….we probably wouldn’t use it anyways.

Here they are; the top 25 things you should never say nor do when your wife is pregnant. (Disclaimer: Not all these things were said or done by me! Thank goodness!)

1. NEVER tell your wife that she just doesn’t understand…she does…and then some.

2. NEVER make your wife pick something up off the ground when she is full-term.

3. NEVER tell your wife that she has been acting really moody lately…you haven’t seen anything yet.

4. NEVER tell your wife that “this whole thing is hard for the both of us”…big mistake.

5. NEVER ask your wife “So what are you making for dinner tonight?”…you may be eating alone.

6. NEVER say, when you wife is contracting, “How are you feeling?”

7. NEVER try to kiss your wife when she says no. In pregnancy “no” really means “no”.

8. When you wife asks if she looks fat…men, say no. She is pregnant, not fat.

9. NEVER tell your wife you think she should do an all-natural birth…you won’t be pushing.

10. When you wife starts randomly crying, just hold her, NEVER try to fix the problem, there probably isn’t one to fix anyways.

11. NEVER say “Do you really want to eat there again?” when your wife shoots out the top thing on her craving list…for the fourth day in a row.

12. NEVER say, “Oh man, I am so full I could pop!”…she really could.

13. NEVER try to throw in your own cravings…just go with hers. You crave what she does.

14 NEVER tell your wife you are just feeling so sick today that you can’t do anything. If its her first trimester, odds are she threw up 3 times that night and you didn’t know.

15. If your wife comes into the bedroom and says, “I just threw up” never ask “Bad?”…think that one through.

16. Don’t be offended if your wife doesn’t want to snuggle…chances are she is currently dying of a hot flash.

17. NEVER buy your wife Reebok Shape-ups as an after pregnancy gift.

18. NEVER, think that your wife enjoys you tapping on her stomach to make your child kick back. Odds are she feels like Rocky while training…just getting punched and punched and punched.

19. DON’T ever assume that you want the baby here more than your wife does…the only thing you have had to carry the last nine months are the groceries.

20. NEVER tell your wife you have gained more weight than she has ( in sympathy weight)…bad idea.

21. DON’T be offended if she all of a sudden can beat your best friend in a burping contest.

22. NEVER leave your wife high and dry while sitting in a low car, couch or bed.

23. NEVER assume that the house will be clean, the laundry will be done and a meal will be on the table for the next nine months…roll up your sleeves.

24. NEVER buy your wife foods that make her nauseous…you could end up eating them in the car, and showering before you are allowed to see her again.

25. NEVER assume that you are right…whether it be in an argument, conversation, or elsewhere.

Just FYI guys I ran this by my wife and she agrees. Good luck in all!


9 thoughts on “25 Things NOT to do when your wife is pregnant…

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  3. Great list. 🙂 I have one thing to add- ALWAYS brush your teeth after eating, especially if it’s something strong smelling… my BF ate a tuna sandwich one day, and I couldn’t even sit next to him until the smell was gone (I’m 3months this week, so still verrry sensitive to smells + easily nauseated.)

  4. I agree! I’m 35 weeks pregnant and i found this on my husbands ipad..he has been taking your advice lol

    Aww he tries so hard to make each day perfect for me.

    Thanks for posting this!

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