Getting a kick out of kicks…

When my wife was 7 months along we began to feel Macey kick. It was really faint at first, you had to really concentrate and push down on Lisa’s stomach to feel her kick. It was then that Macey and I’s game of “little kicks” began. I would tap on Lisa’s stomach and Macey would tap back. Before you think that she and I hit it off automatically, she only did it once. She was pretty much sick of entertaining me after that.

Recently though, as of last night to be exact, Macey has been more willing to play. She is 37 weeks along and can be felt kicking without any concentration or pressure. You can actually see her if you look close enough. It is an incredible feeling knowing she is in there. Anyways, last night I tapped on Lisa’s stomach hoping to rekindle the lost game. She kicked back. I debated whether I should keep going. Shame on you fool me once, shame on me fool me twice. Being the fool I am I tapped again. She kicked again. What ensued in the next five minutes annoyed my wife (obviously no one likes getting their belly hit), but made my year.

I would tap on different parts of Lisa’s stomach and Macey would hit exactly where I was tapping. I decided I would really stump her (How competitive am I? Here I was trying to stump a baby in the womb.) I began to tap on different spots with my fingers. She hesitated a moment, and then began randomly punching all over the place.

Lisa finally made me stop after that, but I learned so much about my daughter by doing that. Try to bond with the baby even before they come out. It makes everything more exciting.


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